Hi beautiful brides, frequent questions that Powder Chair are always asked are: when and what is the best time to start a beauty regime, a colour change, a makeup trial and much more. So we have put a handy timeline for bridal preparation in the hope that it answers some of your questions.

Please note that in every makeup trial booked a bespoke bridal timeline is created unique to your own wedding day, once you have booked your wedding makeup with us simply provide us with the information and we create a Powder Chair Bridal timeline; hashtag #bridalmusthave!

12-8 months:-

Hair colour changes should take place at least 12-8 months before in the event you are unsure you have time to change it, beauty supplements, cleanse tone and moisturise strictly every day with exfoliation taking place three times a week, diarising at least three to four facials if you have one year to your wedding otherwise one facial two weeks before your wedding.

3 Months

Teeth whitening (optional), beauty accessories, makeup and hair trials should take place 3 months before.

Pick the perfect makeup artist for your desired wedding look, be sure to check out their work on social media, gallery and testimonials.

If you want a sun kissed glow as opposed to a pale rose look then start trialing fake tans three months before your wedding and select the tone you would like to go for at least one week to 4 days before your wedding, do not take the risk and apply this the night before your wedding, you want to avoid an orange fiasco! Once you have decided to go with a fake tan then make sure you exfoliate your whole body before the tan is applied so that the tan lotion doesn’t caught in between bumpy skin or dry skin cells.

Arrange a trial at least 12 weeks before your wedding to avoid disappointment and take the stress out of the day. Do not worry if you have left it after this time frame there may still be availability but the top tip is get booking as early as possible, trialing with a glass of bubbles with friends, alone or with family is a way of really getting into the spirit of your forthcoming wedding.

Take lots of photos, magazine cut outs and online pictures with you to the trial to give your makeup artist an idea of the look you would like and the inspiration you are leaning towards.

Two Weeks

Have a facial a minimum two to one week before the wedding, this will create ensure your foundation glides on amazingly and brings the skin to have a natural glow. It is advised not to have this any earlier as the skin needs time to breathe and have the time to renew during this time.

Confirm all your makeup artists, hair stylists and all things which have been booked in place for your special day.

One Week

Brows and hair removal should take place at least one week before to avoid redness if you find that your hair growth is quite fast then try three days before your wedding but this would be the maximum recommended time as this gives your skin time to heal.

One Day Before

Drink lots of water, cleanse tone and moisturise and get beauty sleep and dream happy bridal wishes.

Next blog post coming soon: The Powder Chair Wedding Day Makeup Timeline. The start and finish times are so important and can impact on the time the bride walks down the aisle! So having some timings in place for the bride and her bridal party can make such a difference to a stress free and enjoyable time!

Lots of Powder Chair Wishes xx